Carey McNeil Avatar
Carey McNeil
11/25/2022 - Google
What an amazing Team! The owner Joe Patterson was very honest, knowledgeable, and accommodating. The crew of workers were incredible to watch. They worked hard and well as a team, all synchronized fulfilling their responsibilities in the project. The driveway came together beautifully. I highly recommend them!
Casindra Cooper Avatar
Casindra Cooper
11/18/2022 - Google
God himself sent angels to my house today! My driveway for the longest time has alway its been a pain. Winter will be here and we needed it done. These guys were amazing. Fast and it looks perfect! My neighbor got his done as well! Honestly call them! They are best around!!!
Dan Dougherty Avatar
Dan Dougherty
11/11/2022 - Google
I had a new driveway installed in June of 2021, followed all the instructions and even went over the recommended time timeframe for driving on it. My driveway is full of depressions areas of pooling water when it rains and most recently developed a crack. I called numerous times and left messages to have someone look at it and they never showed up. For the past two months I have been calling every two weeks to have the crack repaired and have yet to get someone to come and repair it. They were quick to give a quote and install the driveway but their customer service after check was cashed is less than impressive. Initial review is being amended as The Driveway Guys have since repaired my driveway with an asphalt overlay at no cost.
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